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Last Mile Solutions

We provide last mile connectivity solutions such as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) switches/routers, fixed wireless Point to Point (PTP), fixed wireless Point to Multi-point (PMP) and Radio Frequency microwave solutions. These solutions that are industry proven and will deliver data, voice, and video connectivity virtually anywhere.

Our engineers are field proven and have many years of experience in installing and commissioning Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) for telecontrol/automation applications in substation environments.

We also have fibre network design and planning services for last mile connectivity.

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Core Telecoms

5G Support - Samo Engineering Telecoms has access to Optical Transport Network (OTN) technology which is a backhaul system for 5G applications. This technology supports telecommunication companies that provide 5G services. These platforms simplify network structure, enhances network efficiency and reduces operator’s CAPEX and OPEX. 

Network Performance Management – We perform network analysis, testing and integration based on the client’s needs.

Maintenance of Telecommunication Systems – We provide first line maintenance support.